Our Patient's Stories

We strive to provide exceptional eyecare that changes the lives of our patients. Here are their stories.

"Thank you so much Dr. Yuan and staff!"

Keratoconus, Severe Dry Eye

Any time I have had to go to the doctors for my eyes, I have had so much anxiety! It’s typically never been good news. I’ve had Kerataconus for about 9 years and I feel like I’ve been on a roller coaster with so many ups and downs, and a few loops along the way in terms of what doctors I’ve been sent to, their recommendations and hearing my potential outcomes with my vision. At some point during the many doctor visits to the ophthalmologist I was recommended to Rainbow Optometry. Now, I’ve have been seeing Dr. Yuan for about 4 years. And the staff is amazing as well. They are all kind, efficient and knowledgeable! When I told Dr. Yuan that dealing with my eyes stresses me out, she said that’s my job to stress out about how to help you! So when my anxiety elevated during my visits, I would repeat to myself what she told me: it is her job to stress about how to help me. Before going to Dr. Yuan, I felt like it was my fault I couldn’t be prescribed the accurate prescription, because I wasn’t accurate when I was asked which version of what they were showing me, that I could see better. When she eventually pulled that information out of me, she made sure to slow down and go back and forth between “3 or 4” even if it took five times for me to answer. She never made me feel like I was wasting her time. I am a very stubborn person and she is very patient person! I’m super grateful for her patience! This year when I went for my yearly prescription update, after nearly failing my DMV vision test, I had felt so defeated and hopeless dealing with my eyes. I finally agreed to trying something different after Dr. Yuan had been asking me for years. Over time, she had built the trust with me, never made me feel like a nuisance and actually cared that I had quality vision. That’s when she convinced me to try the scleral lenses. I tried them before with another optometrist and I had a horrible experience. Dr. Yuan had been telling me I should try them again with her for years but I always told her they were just not for me based on my previous experience. She fitted me for the custom scleral lenses. Once I put them in, I was thrilled! She now has me seeing almost 20/20, which hasn’t happened in forever. I was practically skipping to my car on the way out when I got my first pair of custom scleral lenses, I was so happy to be able to see. I know how scary, defeating and hopeless it is when you feel like no one can help you with your vision. And Dr. Yuan has changed that for me! Thank you so much Dr. Yuan and staff!!!

- Laura B

"For anyone dealing with Keratoconus, I can't recommend this place enough."


I had an absolutely fantastic experience at Rainbow Optometry, Inc. Their team is truly exceptional. Dr. Yuan's expertise and support were nothing short of amazing. Her friendly and caring approach made my visits even more enjoyable. For anyone dealing with Keratoconus, I can't recommend this place enough. The staff here took the time to understand my unique needs and went above and beyond to help me significantly improve my vision. To the wonderful ladies at Rainbow Optometry. Thank you all for your outstanding care.

- Uniesia G

"I will continue to get my eyes checked here and will definitely be referring them to everyone."


I am extremely pleased with my experience at Rainbow Optometry. The doctor is exceptionally knowledgeable and the staff is very pleasant. I have been diagnosed with keratoconus for many years now and my old contact lenses weren't helping me see properly. I reached out to Rainbow Optometry and they got me an appointment that worked with my schedule and did an extensive eye exam. From that eye exam, I learned so much information about keratoconus that I was not previously aware of. Not only did I get new contact lenses that are remarkably comfortable to wear but I was also able to get glasses which I have always been told I could not get. I will continue to get my eyes checked here and will definitely be referring them to everyone.

- Tyrell W

"Dr. Yuan is my favorite optometrist of all time"


Dr. Yuan is my favorite optometrist of all time, just hugged her the last time saw her! She's incredibly positive and makes me feel great even though, have keratoconus. In fact, she's like the only expert in the IE. All the nurses are not only beautiful, but really nice and helpful for anyone with the condition. buy all my products from them as well because never want it to shut down! This place is the greatest ever if you have keratoconus!

- John P

"She treated me as if I was the only patient she saw."

Post RK, Post-AK, Intraocular Lens, & Multiple Retinal Detachments

I have been constantly seeing different doctors, bouncing from one referral to another, so they can potentially help me with my eyes. I had 6 retinal detachments and intraocular lenses removal and replacement. Before that, I had RK and AK done to both of my eyes. It has been a psychological struggle as I am referred to a new doctor each visit and started to lose hope in finding a doctor that can help me. As I started losing hope, Dr. Smith referred me to see Dr. Yuan to try scleral lenses as I am still unable to see clearly with glasses.

Due to all of my procedures, I haven’t been able to see well out of my left eye. Because of that, my brain has rejected the usage of my left eye. Once I came here and tried some scleral lenses, I was finally able to use my left eye again. I had to relearn how to use both of my eyes together as I wore the scleral lenses. With all the new technology Dr. Yuan has in the office, she was able to help design lenses that are comfortable and help me see. The attention to detail has been great with Dr. Yuan and she treated me as if I was the only patient she saw. The staff also has been so great and friendly.

- Ramiro

"Thank you Dr. Yuan and staff. You were all fantastic!"


I have been a patient of Dr. Yuan and Rainbow Optometry for the past three years. On my first visit to them, I was very impressed with the professionalism of the staff and Dr. Yuan. I have been wearing contact lenses since 1970 and love them but had recent problems including keratoconus, cataract surgery and a bleeding retina. When referred to Rainbow, I was nervous as my eyesight had deteriorated. Dr. Yuan gave me a very thorough exam and recommended new contacts called Scleral. As these were new to me and considered soft lenses, I was worried that it would take me a long time to get used to them. Both Dr. Yuan and her staff were very patient with me and went through the entire process of inserting and removing them.

I have been wearing them for over 2 years and love them. As I have learned over the 50 years of wearing contacts, it's all about the optometrist and office staff. Rainbow is extremely diligent about maintaining the cleanliness in the office and was very COVID compliant. I am moving from the area and will miss Rainbow Optometry greatly. Again, thank you Dr. Yuan and staff. You were all fantastic!

- Steve

"I couldn't be happier with my experience with Rainbow Optometry."

Post-RK, Post-AK

I couldn't be happier with my experience with Rainbow Optometry. Due to my particular situation, I only had a limited time in the southern California area and was trying to find an optometry office that could get me fitted for scleral contact lenses. After initially speaking with a few offices, I decided to go with Rainbow Optometry because they were very thorough in their questioning to find out my particular situation and laid out a well formulated plan to get me fitted for my lenses. Once I started with the exam and fitting, Dr. Yuan made every effort to ensure I had the best fitting lenses to make sure I was comfortable with them. This involved receiving the lenses, checking the fitting & comfort, and making the needed adjustments for a better fitting set of lenses. This process took a few visits and Dr. Yuan & her team was very accommodating on appointment times. Everyone in the office was very courteous and were a big help in getting me accustomed to wearing the scleral lenses, as it took me a little longer than normal to put them on and remove them. Needless to say it took a few lessons to get the hang of it. As far as scleral contact lenses are concerned, if you need to get a set to help with your vision, don't hesitate. I was a little concerned about getting them at first, but I definitely don't have any regrets after receiving them. I'd like to thank Dr. Yuan and her team for everything they did for me. I was hoping for a good experience with this endeavor and I definitely receive it.

- Michael

"I am very happy with my results, and I continue to use Ortho-K to this day."


I began Ortho-K 8 years ago when my mother, Dr. Yuan, first began offering Ortho-K treatments. My mom described Ortho-K as a great solution that could help control prescription, and was very excited about the technology.

After committing to Ortho-K, I noticed a significant change in my vision. My prescription maintained the same value and even improved on occasions, which was an amazing surprise. Ortho-K also removed my dependence on glasses or contact lenses for vision correction, providing clear vision throughout the day. I am very happy with my results, and I continue to use Ortho-K to this day.

My mom is extremely passionate about providing the best Ortho-K treatment for her patients. She dedicates her time to ensuring each patient receives the care they deserve, and continues to research new advances in the field of Ortho-K. My treatment with her has been excellent, and I would highly recommend her to anyone currently considering Ortho-K.

- Austin

"I'm even driving! Scleral lenses gave me a life again!"

Severe Dry Eye, Corneal Scars and Opacities, & Severe Photophobia

After two episodes of a Herpes keratitis infection, my right eye was in dire straits. I had so much pain when blinking and have severe photophobia. I couldn't drive and had waterfall eyes while trying to sleep. My eyes also felt dry during the day. The best vision I had with any corrective help was 20/50. My corneal scarring was too severe. After five different ophthalmologists, I finally was referred to Dr. Yuan, an expert using scleral contact lenses.

After wearing scleral contact lenses, the pain stopped! I could see again, with 20/20 vision! Night time tearing also greatly reduced as I started using scleral lenses. I have no day time dry eyes anymore. I'm even driving! They gave me a life again! I am truly thankful for Dr. Jessica Yuan. She is my HERO! It is not just the Scleral Lenses, it is the special sunglasses she researched for my photophobia. We can open up the curtains so my husband doesn't have to "live in a cave" anymore. She gave me the ability to use a computer again. I started a small business, achieved a Trademark, and have a shop on Etsy and as of this January 2020, a shop with Amazon. Without Dr. Yuan, none of that would have been possible.

Dr. Yuan will take time to study your eyes and will present solutions for comfort and good vision. She is the most caring doctor I have ever met. Don't be afraid of changing doctors. It took 7 months with a group that tossed me around like a dryer sheet until we decided to find another doctor. I truly think that if we had stayed with "the group", I would not have a right eye. I also have to thank Dr. Shomer, I only saw him once and he lead me to Dr. Jessica Yuan. She is a Hero. She will be one for you too.

- Charlotte

"I am now able to have the beauty and comfort of waking up in the morning with lubricated and fresh eyes!"

Severe Dry Eye

I am a patient of Dr. Jessica Yuan and I was suffering from extreme dry eye. Every morning when I woke up, it was hard for me to open my eyes because the eye lids were stuck together. On top of that, I had severe headaches due to the dryness and poor vision, which got worst over time.

Once I visited Dr. Yuan, she started treating me with a few different eye drops and some special at-home care products to help treat that condition. She also recommended scleral lenses to improve my vision, which were truly great.

Dr. Yuan is a great optometrist who deserves a special honor and recognition for her extraordinary devotion to each of her patients. She studies and tries different options and treatments for each patient’s issues and puts the effort in finding the right treatments for them. She is excellent in taking her time to carefully attend the patient’s condition and researches for advanced treatments options for them.

Now I can testify how great the improvement I am experiencing in all of the aspects my eyes were suffering. I am now able to have the beauty and comfort of waking up in the morning with lubricated and fresh eyes! Being able to see clearly is like my vision and eye health has been recovered and restored!

- Zoila

"My quality of life has improved tremendously"

Post-RK, PRK

Before using Scleral lenses, my vision was blurry at a distance and up close. On top of that, I also experienced dryness. After I used these lenses, my vision has greatly improved and the comfort level was also amazing. My quality of life has improved tremendously, especially, because I do not like wearing glasses. I also love the fact that I am able to wear Plano sunglasses. In the past, I’ve had bad experiences with different contact lenses at night because I could not see clearly. Now, with scleral lenses, I am able to enjoy football games at my daughter’s school.

If you are not happy wearing glasses, I would highly recommend scleral lenses. This also goes for people who have had surgeries on their eyes.

Rainbow Optometry is awesome! The staff goes out of their way to ensure that the patient is comfortable in every way possible. Dr. Yuan is the best!

- Aaron

"Dr. Yuan is so knowledgeable and worked with me throughout the 4-month trial"

Post-Lasik, RK, AK, & Dry Eye

I had Lasik surgery about 20 years ago and RK and AK surgery about 25 years ago. I also have severe dry eyes due to the scar tissue on my cornea. The scleral lenses that I use give my dry eyes a ‘bed of water’ to bathe in and offer me a soothing comfort. Also, the lenses helped improve my night vision. The oversized scleral lenses improved my comfort level as they rest on the less sensitive areas of my eyes. I love wearing them for outdoor activities, especially for snow skiing.

I encourage others with similar conditions as mine to try them. Dr. Yuan is so knowledgeable and worked with me throughout the 4-month trial basis to get a perfect fit for the scleral lenses. She listens and is patient with the process as I was a new contacts wearer. I encourage anyone who wants to find the best contact lenses for their lifestyle to come to Rainbow Optometry!

- Laurie

"After the Ortho-K treatment, my son is much happier"


Prior to the Ortho-K treatment, my son was having a hard time seeing his teacher’s instructions written on the board in class. His eyes would get red and tired from straining to read the instructions in class. He had to sit close to the board so he could see the words. He did not perform well in sports either because he could not see well at a distance.

After the Ortho-K treatment, my son is much happier because he can see things clearly without wearing glasses. He can do water sports and contact sports without the limitations of wearing glasses. Wearing the lenses at night did not bother him at all. He has more confidence as well as improved self-esteem because he does not have to wear glasses when he hangs out with his friends.

Ortho-K not only removes the burden of wearing glasses but it also slows down or even stops the progression of nearsightedness. Eyeglasses were invented a long time ago and haven’t changed much. I think it’s time to use Ortho-K, which is a newer and proven technology to make a difference in our children’s lives. However, Ortho-K is not for everyone. You need to talk to your child’s eye doctor to see if he or she can start Ortho-K.

- Father of Damian