Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) utilizes custom contact lenses to gently reshape your cornea. The treatment corrects your vision while you sleep, allowing you to see clearly in the day. Ortho-K can be a great alternative to conventional glasses or contact lenses for both children and adults.

Ortho-K Benefits

For children

  • Slow down myopia during the growing years
  • Slows down myopia progression
  • Reduced risks of myopia related eye diseases into adulthood
  • Better daytime comfort than wearing glasses
  • Less dry eye issue from wearing daytime contact lenses
  • Wider peripheral vision compared to glasses, leading to better sports performance
  • Better self-esteem for some children
  • Used at home at night - more convenient for parental supervision
  • Avoid the worry of losing or breaking glasses

For adults

  • Vision correction without invasive surgery, such as Lasik
  • No burden of wearing glasses
  • Avoid dryness and itchiness from prolonged use of daytime contact lenses
  • Convenient for outdoor activities and sports
  • Freedom to wear non-prescription sunglasses

Ortho-K Treatment

Ortho-K treatment at our office begins with a comprehensive eye exam, and a custom scan of your cornea. We use the latest Pentacam tomographer to create a unique 3D image of your cornea. With this information, Dr. Yuan digitally designs custom Ortho-K lenses to optimize myopia control, vision, comfort, and long-term health.

Why should you consider us to help you with Ortho-K?

  • We offer a pre-appointment phone call to discuss your needs for Ortho-K.
  • Our office is experienced and well trained in providing care for Ortho-K patients.
  • We are equipped with state-of-the art equipment such as Pentacam to rule out any corneal abnormalities, such as keratoconus, prior to Ortho-K treatment. This ensures no contraindication for Ortho-K.
  • We specialize in customizing Ortho-K lenses based on the unique 3-D mapping of your cornea. This ensures the best outcome possible for Ortho-K.
  • Dr. Yuan’s son is near-sighted too. She understands your concerns as parents.
  • Dr. Yuan speaks fluent Cantonese, Mandarin and some conversational Spanish.
High Myopia

Ortho-K lens correcting a higher degree of Myopia


A post-treatment corneal map of Ortho-K

Design window

Wave Ortho-K Design for Myopoia Ortho-K

Hyperopic Presbyopia Ortho-K

Hyperopic Presbyopia Ortho-K

Hyperopic Presbyopia Ortho-K

Hyperopic Presbyopia Ortho-K Fluorescein Pattern

Hyperopic Presbyopia Ortho-K

Wave Ortho-K Design for Hyperopic Presbyopia