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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Each patient is unique due to their individual eye condition, genetic disposition, lifestyle, environment, personality, preference, and desire. Our goal is to provide eye care to you with undivided attention.

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Fashion Eyewear

Our optometrist has extended experience in prescribing glasses to enhance clarity, reduce eye strain, and optimize ergonomic comfort.

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We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for early keratoconus detection, keratoconus evaluation, and progression monitoring. We specialize in customizing contact lenses based on the unique mapping of your eye - optimized for comfort, stability, vision and long term health.

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Contact Lenses

We offer a variety of contact lenses to meet your needs. We also specialize in hard-to-fit contact lenses for a variety of conditions, such as keratoconus, post-surgical cornea, severe dry eye, neurotrophic keratitis and GVHD. We utilize the cutting edge contact lens technology to optimize vision and comfort for you.

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Scleral Lenses

Scleral lenses can provide amazing vision and comfort for keratoconus and post-Lasik ectasia. They can be life changing for patients with severe dry eyes, severe light sensitivity and eye pain.

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Custom contact lenses which gently reshape your cornea and correct your vision while you're sleeping, allowing you to see clearly in the day. Ortho-K can be a great alternative to conventional glasses or contact lenses for both children and adults.

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Myopia Management

We offer orthokeratology, daytime multifocal contact lenses, Atropine treatment, and multifocal glasses to slow down the progression of myopia.

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Dry Eye Treatment

Dry Eye symptoms can range from mild irritation, gritty feeling, and filmy vision to intense pain. If left untreated, dry eye can potentially lead to corneal damage and permanent vision impairment.

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Dr. Jessica Yuan

Meet Dr. Jessica Yuan

After practicing for 23 years, Dr. Yuan is more passionate about optometry than ever. Beyond providing excellent primary eye care, Dr. Yuan specializes in myopia management, orthokeratology, specialty contact lenses, scleral lenses and keratoconus.

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